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 Guidlines for Conference 

Guidelines for conducting any Conference / Workshop / CME / other scientific activity under the banner of Hernia Society of India (H.S.I.)

  1. All Annual / Midterm / Zonal Conferences / CME / Workshop should be done under the banner of Hernia Society of India (H.S.I.) - National Chapter of Asia Pacific Hernia Society (APHS).

  2. Written Consent is to be acquired from the President / Secretary before announcing the activity to the members.
  3. The Vice President and three Executive Members of the Zone, to be actively involved and it is desirable that they participate and are present during this activity.
  4. It is desired that one of the office bearers, President / Hony. Secretary/ Hony. Treasurer should be present in this activity.
  5. Should keep the President, Hony. Secretary and Hony. Treasurer informed about the selection of faculties and other academic details of the conference.
  6. The brochure of announcement should have invitation letter from President / Secretary of the society apart from an invitation letter from local organizing committee. It should also have a list of Founder members & executive committee members of H.S.I. & APHS with logos. The brochure may be send to the Secretariat for final perusal.
  7. 50% surplus money at the end of the conference should be sent to the treasurer along with audited statement of accounts within 6 months and rest 50% of surplus money can be utilized by organizers for Hernia training activities in their region. And inform secretariat about the activity.
  8. The H.S.I. will not have any financial / legal liability arising from any scientific activity.
  9. The activity should also be announced in the H.S.I. Newsletter if time permits. It may also be advertised in other Journals as well i.e. JMAS, IJS.
  10. A memorandum of understanding is to be signed between the H.S.I. and local organizers on the above terms and conditions.
  11. On completion of the conference, the organizers should send a summary of the event to the office along with the audited financial report.
  12. The dates of Conferences organized should not clash with other Zonal / Regional conference.

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