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Hernia has traditionally generated a lot of dabate over the decades and this debate was intensified with the introduction of laparoscopic / endoscopic hernia repair. A group of like minded hernia enthusiasts from the Asia Pacific region, led by Dr. Pradeep Kumar Chowbey from New Delhi and Davide Lamanto from Singapore, met in Bali, Indonesia between 26 - 29 September, 2004 which was also the first executive meeting and marked the birthday of the Asia Pecific Hernia Society. An executive working committee was formed from amongst the founding members to oversee the activities and functioning of the society. The society was subsequently registered in Singapore in 2005.

After the foundation of American Hernia society (AHS) in January, 1997 and European Hernia Society in1979, the glaring lacuna that existed in world hernia for 25 years due to the absence of representation form the vast Asia Pacific region was eliminated.

The Asia Pacific region encompasses an esoteric mix of nationalities, languages, creed and ethnicities. Additionally, there are great economical and financial disparities between and within nations in the region. The implications of these facts are that there are great variations in the delivery of surgical care across the region. APHS was intended to function as an umbrella organization representing groups disparate in approach, yet like minded in the pursuit of highest standards of surgical care. The broad mission of APHS is development and propagation of hernia care and allied research activities.

It is envisaged that National Hernia chapters in the region will serve as affiliates to expand and carry out the mission of the APHS.

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